Fitnessmith provides a wide range of environmentally conscious commercial flooring and matting options, including composition rubber, calendered rubber, molded product, vinyl sheet, performance vinyl tile, and turf . Our products are renowned for their exceptional quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, offering our clients endless creative possibilities.

Enhance your fitness space with our flooring options, designed to meet your specific needs, preferences, and budget.



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We have a dedicated flooring installation team.

Our expert flooring installation team can handle the removal of your existing flooring.

With our custom flooring options, we can seamlessly incorporate your logo into the design.

The installation method depends on your flooring choice. Most of our options require gluing, but we also offer a variety of non-glue alternatives. Contact us for more details.

We offer flooring solutions designed to dampen the sound of equipment, effectively minimizing noise levels in your fitness amenity.

If you have a PDF, CAD file, or drawing of your space along with dimensions, we can accurately calculate the required amount of flooring.

Alternatively, one of our expert flooring installers can visit your location to take precise measurements.